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During the summer of 2008, huge rallies were organized to support the CBC Radio Orchestra, which was disbanded later that year, and to push for restoration of quality classical music programming and cultural production on Radio 2. Events were held across the country. This web site stands as a record of the protest of tens of thousands of Canadian citizens across the country who raised their voice in protest.

A note to members of the coalition: in the summer of 2012, our old site was successfully hacked and the blog database severely compromised. The current site rebuilds some of the memories of our activities.

Download the CRTC submission

Download our 2012 submission to the CRTC re: CBC license renewal: "Opportunities and obligations – public broadcasting and classical music in Canada" here. This document compares the CBC to three other public broadcasters: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and the Corporation for Public Broadacsting (CPB) in the USA.

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Images from our protest campaigns in 2008

Images below are from the Toronto and Vancouver protest events. More images here.
Among the many speakers, you see MusicFest Vancouver producer George Laverock, Canadian Music Centre BC Director Colin Miles and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Bramwell Tovey speaking against the cut of the orchestra and deploring the degradation of quality programming on Radio 2
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Fall 2008: CBC floods Toronto public transit with entire cars full of ads for their "New 2".
Even if a portion of the budget dedicated to this ad campaign could have supported the orchestra for years to come.

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