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I have recorded several videos on YouTube that show the music score with performance or demo audio.

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New Works

  • If My Complaints Could Passions Move, a song for Vancouver tenor Will George for voice, classical guitar and cello, based on the song of the same name by 16th century composer John Dowland.

  • Pressed for Time, a collaborative composition with Mohamed Assani for sitar, tabla, and full orchestra, premiered November 5, 2017 by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro Bramwell Tovey; Shahbaz Hussain, tabla.

  • World Enigma 3 for (Chinese) sheng solo. Written for Vancouver musician Zhongxi Wu. Thanks to Zhongxi for the jianpu version!

  • Cool Take for computer musician. A suite of 7 pieces of cut-up jazz performed by the composer to a live audience.

  • Re-act-ion for one or more melodic instruments and computer

  • light ripple light for any melodic instrument and computer

  • Cool Cut for alto saxophone and chamber orchestra. Commissioned by Vancouver saxophonist Julia Nolan.

  • World Enigma 2 for solo cello (or viola) – commissioned by Richard Carswell

  • Flight 182 Meditations with Renée Saklikar, poet. A work for poet and computer processing

  • Shaking the Core for string quartet – commissioned by the Langley Community Music School

  • Braque's Beach and Picasso's Reach for solo 4-octave classical guitar – commissioned by Neil Douglas


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