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  • World Premiere of "Boar" in Toronto May 29.
    Join the PhoeNX ensemble on May 29 at 7pm in Toronto for a concert of 14 world premieres for mixed East/West chamber ensemble: the Legend of the Jade Emperor and the Great Race. All the signs of the Chinese zodiac are presented by as many Canadian composers. I wrote for the Boar, which also happens to be my Chinese birth year.

  • “one of the most promising orchestral composers of today." - Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

  • "I hope you ask John Oliver to write more trio work for you. His cycle was stunning!" - William Aide, pianist, on recent recording of Eternity Gaze for erhu, piano, and guitar by PEP. (See Recordings)

  • "a delicate yet often complex sense of beauty" - Musicworks