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My "Nylong Symphony No. 2 ('Crystal')" at Vancouver Public Library this coming week

If you are in downtown Vancouver around the lunch hour this coming week July 8 to 12, drop by the Vancouver Public Library from noon to 2 PM where you will hear 16-channel surround audio works performed into the atrium.

My Nylong Symphony No. 2 ('Crystal') is second on the program on Wednesday and Friday after Barry Truax's work Chalice Well.

The work is an extensive ambient improvisation that I performed on my fretless nylon-string guitar (thus the "Nylong" of the title) into a granulation distribution software on my computer around 2010. The work is an extended gradual process of breaking the live guitar sound up into small shards until the grains are so small that they disappear into "dust." I will be present at the two concerts. Come by and say hello. For those who still own a DVD player, I will be selling the DVD-audio disc (5.1 surround) on which the piece appears: Time is Dust.

Hope to see you there! More info and complete program at link below.

3 Performances in one day!

I performed at two separate events, and attended a world premiere this past Saturday May 26.

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Sound of Dragon Festival 2018 features two Oliver intercultural classics

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