Bruce Mather’s Double CD "Music in Third and Sixteenth of tones"

  1. Prelude #1
  2. Fantasie #1
  3. Prelude #2
  4. Fantasie #2

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Features the composition Hot-Tempered Clavier

for 16th-of-tone piano (one octave divided into 96 steps)

  • Bruce Mather, piano

Music in thirds and sixteenths of tones is a remarkable contribution to the microtonal music canon. Most of the works on this collection were commissioned by Mr. Mather, who himself contributes 2 works. Also featuring music by Wychnegradsky, J.E. Marie, J. Burke, M. Patch, G. Tremblay, J. Desjardins, M. Gonneville, O. Gagnon, J. Winiarz, and John Oliver.

Oliver's work is a recomposition of the first two Preludes and Fugues from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. The works are compressed into one octave divided into 96 divisions!