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Canadian composer John Oliver saw two releases dedicated to his music during the first half of 2012: "Time is Dust", a DVD-audio of immersive surround music was released on February 20, and a CD of his orchestral music was released on the Centrediscs label on May 11.

ABOUT FORGING UTOPIA This is a collection of my orchestral music from eleven years, 1995 - 2006. Forging Utopia was inspired by Mark Kingwell's book, “Dreams of Millennium” and by a channel-changing, cultural mash-up paradigm. “Unseen Rain” takes the listener into the mystical world of the Persian poet Rumi by way of aphoristic miniatures. “Face in the Abstract” is inspired by the canvases of Anselm Keefer and Johannes Deutsch. And “Raven Steals the Light” tells the story of the creation of the world according to the ancient Haida legend, as retold by Bill Reid and Robert Bringhurst.

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Time is Dust is a portrait of John Oliver's immersive music from 2002 - 2010, a bath of continuous acousmatica with origins in musique concrete & granular synthesis; a trance-trip that shares with ancient music a grounding in a single tonal centre or constant sound. The often very busy surface – some might say a storm – transforms at a paradoxically calm pace, like melting glaciers: a "glacial pace" on the outside, driven by molecular fire inside.

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